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About Medical Staff

Medical Staff

Our hair transplant group has over 10 years of experience in treating hair loss. Our staff consists of 3 high qualified phisicians and 3 assistants dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. We are world renowned in the field of hair restoration as expert physicians. We accept nothing but perfection from our entire surgical staff. Our hair transplant physicians serve as members of the International Society of Hair Restorations Surgery. Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with the latest advancements in hair restoration. You can be assured that only the most advanced procedures and practices are available at Clínicas Ceta.

We started at the field of hair transplants with one goal in mind, to give our patients the best solution to their hairloss. Each case is unique and must be treated in a completely customized approach. We seek the best, most natural solutions to your problem. We use the most advanced manual instruments for hair restoration surgery. We evaluate any new material we find at every meeting we assist and decide to use them if they meet quality criteria to perform FUE technique. We attend hair restoration conferences regularly to improve our knowledge.

Our medical staff and their assistants are one of the best prepared on FUE technique teams all over the world. Over 1200 satisfied patients treated at Clinicas Ceta with FUE technique in these10 years, are our best guarantee.

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