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F.U.E. Technique F.U.E. Technique - CETA

capillary grafts



Clínicas CETA uses the NT Technique or No Touch, in which follicular units are introduced into the scalp through the Implanter, avoiding trauma involving the classical manual input caused by the use of clamps, and increasing the survival degree of the follicle.

The Implanter is a single surgical instrument used by a very small number of capillary medical teams around the world. It is the most important instrument as it comes to ensuring the patient a satisfactory and fully natural result. It allows us to transfer from donor areas to the bald recipient parts or low hair density areas (upper or front part) with minimum damage to the scalp, while ensuring a completely natural and aesthetic result.

Benefits of its use

Minor incisions:

  • Allows to proceed in the transplantation phase making minor incisions without damaging the surrounding follicles, veins, nerves or collagen, which are essential for hair growth (Implanters from 0.65 to 1.0 mm).
  • Allows to obtain maximum density, even after already transplanted a number of follicles. Since incisions are minimal and allows approaching them to the limit.
  • Minor tissue damage. The result is completely natural and undetectable.
  • The balding area wounds heal much faster than with other methods and prevents inflammation.

Natural results:

  • Preservation of the target area.
  • The angle and direction of natural hair growth of the patient is conserved with the use of the Implanter.
  • 3 sizes of needles offer the flexibility for transplanting follicles of different size

Maximum growth:

  • The Implanter ensures minimal manipulation of the follicles and maximum growth, avoiding the scalpel-tweezers manipulation and allowing adjusting the depth of the implant.
  • In 8 months 90% of the new hairs have grown and will remain forever in the scalp.
  • No special hair maintenance is necessary, since after their growth they behave as completely natural hair.

Different applications:

  • Restoration of hair on the scalp.
  • Reconstruction of the front line.
  • Reconstruction of eyebrows, beard and pubic area.
  • Scars reconstruction from previous procedures.
  • Reconstruction of earlier capillary surgeries.

With the Implanter we control:

  • The angle of hair growth
  • The depth of the implant
  • The distance between implanted hair
  • A natural density (can implement up to 80 hair follicles per cm2)
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