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FUE technique

Online consultation

Please, complete the following form and attach the photos that are indicated below, and our medical staff will make an approximate diagnosis of your case.

1 Front line near and far (1 Photo of each: 2 photos): in the first case to clearly see the frontal line and in the second to see how this front line fits in with the rest of the physiognomy of the patient, always according to his/her current age.

2 Right and left side (one picture of each side: 2 photos.). Lateral lines are never simmetrycal, that is the reason why photos of both sides are necessary. In FUE technique temporal scalp sides become donor areas, so it is important to evaluate each individual case.

3 Top (1 photo): in order to evaluate the general hair loss.
Rear (1 photo): to asses donor area.
Once you have all the pictures kept in your computer, fill in the contact form and attach them on the following link. Our medical staff will make an approximate diagnosis and will get in contact with you as soon as possible.


Note: Your photos will not be published nor used for nothing more than our doctor´s evaluation, once the consultation has been completed, they will be eliminated

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